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Top Notes - Rum, Pineapple.

Heart Notes - Ink, Leather, Clove, Birch.

Base Notes - Amber, Vanilla, Benzoin.


Notturno recounts the night, the dark journey inside us, a brain tunnel, where we stop and think. Notturno has a deep and romantic dedication to the poets and writers who have marked Meo Fusciuni's path, inside and outside of his artistic life: Holderlin, Rilke, De La Cruz, Celan, Strindberg, Neruda. Nutturno should be worn and left to speak for itself.


The first sensation is a strong slap, the scent of night rum, the pineapple extract opens this work, almost like an initial disturbance that brings many surprises. As the aroma of the Rum evaporates, one discovers a heart full of warm notes, ink and a touch of leather reminds us of what used to cover old journals. The heart is wrapped in warm spices such as cloves and birch leaves. Time advances and Notturno's transformation reaches the base notes, incense, amber, musk and cedarwood; everything is bold and romantic. 

About Meo Fusciuni:

Meo Fusciuni considers itself a niche brand, not intended for mass work. Their fragrance is made using traditional and innovative methods, using both natural and high quality raw materials from all over the world. Everything related to the manufacturing and production, ranging from maturation to packaging, is done strictly in Italy.

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