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Top Notes - Leather, Cedar Leaves, Birch Leaves.

Heart Notes - Sandalwood, Patchouli, Tobacco.

Base Notes - Amber, Vanilla, Benzoin.


Luce comes from an introspective journey that begins with the start of a new day, when nature has not completely awakened, the air is still wet, everything is stasis. Born from the desire for stillness, the search for a balance between nature and man, between light and silence. This scent is inspired by the writings of the American architect Louis Khan. 


The top notes tell a new dawn, a natural state of stillness, which Meo calls, "the song of plants and dawn", birch leaves, cedar leaves and a hit of leather. The heart is formed with scents that are often indicated in the base: sandalwood, tobacco leaves and a very rich patchouli - far from the usual patchouli that we know and smell. The stillness finds its fulfilment in the sweet and delicate base notes of amber, vanilla and benzoin.

About Meo Fusciuni:

Meo Fusciuni considers itself a niche brand, not intended for mass work. Their fragrance is made using traditional and innovative methods, using both natural and high quality raw materials from all over the world. Everything related to the manufacturing and production, ranging from maturation to packaging, is done strictly in Italy.

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